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"Thank you for the treatment. I woke up feeling great, and continue to. Thank you so much for your grace, help, and attention in unraveling the stuck stuff!  I've already recommended you to a number of people."Susan Winter"

"Elizabeth- You are a miracle worker!!! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!
My legs, ankles and back feel better today than they have in weeks! I only wish I were around to get more of your amazing bodywork treatments. I am committed to getting a series of deep bodywork treatments now that I can see the light!"
Diane Rigoli

Elizabeth's healing capacity is extensive. She really put her whole body and soul into the session. I felt completely cared for in an extremely positive therapeutic and trusted way"Deva Khalsa

"Very intuitive to the clients needs and experienced in how to address those needs."Chad Leet

Elizabeth is amazing as her hands reach into and open a deeper conversation with her client's body & soul" she brings refreshing & honest insights as she penetrates the underlying messages that her client's body & soul are aching to express. I appreciate the depth and integrity of her and her healing work. "Anne Marie Littlefield"

"Elizabeth combines wisdom, knowledge, intuition and healing compassion in a rare combination that always leaves me calm, relaxed and energized. She is simply the best." Ramleen Goggin

"Elizabeth is a gifted, intuitive, compassionate and knowledgeable about her profession. She is a kind and excellent listener. She is approachable, personable and selfless. Her sense of humor is both delightful and grounding. Her conscious connection to the infinite in turn connects her to her clients in a profound way so she may be completely empathetic to them. Elizabeth  is humble, reflective and loving."Mihn Sen

"I was so grateful to finally experience what many of my friends were raving about with Elizabeth's healing treatments. The way she moves with her intuition and connects with the spirit and the energy present was profoundly healing for me. I knew I was in the presence of a deeply committed and skilled healer and most of all I could feel that I was the recipient of Elizabeths many, many years of study, practice, self work and devotion to her own healing. This kind of dedication and service and passion really came through in our session and I am the better for it. Gurudev 

"When I am with Elizabeth I feel totally taken care of. She gets me in touch with my body and that awareness helps me Bring love to my body. She has a way of just changing the energy. What’s unique about her is she has this innocent pure love that she delivers and it just comes through her hands and her soul. you can feel it and the space that you are in is the same. It is very healing and she is very generous with all of the knowledge that she has. I leave there feeling so much better than when I walked in.
Julie Taggart

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