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The 8 Extraordinary Vessels Treatment

In a typical session we work with 2 of these vessels to address your physical, emotional as well as psycho-spiritual concerns. See the planetary chart to choose forks that you are drawn to work with.

The 8 extraordinary vessels are known as:






they run as deep reservoirs within our bodies supplying  & replenishing the 12 main meridians


  • read through the symptoms and decide which vessels you might like to work with

  • then look through the chart at the bottom and consider which tuning forks speak to you




Abdomen,Thorax, Lungs, Throat, Face

Symptoms Physical:

Night sweats, hot flushes, feeling of heat, mental irritability, anxiety, dry mouth at night, dizziness, tinnitus or insomnia 

amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia. In men, it is used for impotence and spermatorrhea

lumps, fibroids and carcinoma of the uterus. In men it is used for hernia chronic asthma

feelings of heat, palpitations, dizziness, feeling ungrounded, shaky, fragile, nervous system is short-circuiting 

Symptoms Psycho-Emotional-Spiritual:

unable to birth ideas or plans, fear of stepping into new frequencies, or into new ways of seeing and knowing yourself and the Divine, sexual abuse issues, low self-esteem.




BACK, Spine, Back of Neck and Head


Symptoms: chronic lower backache due to kidney deficiency

Fever, runny nose, headache, stiff neck, floating pulse, dizziness, tremors, convulsions, epilepsy

Symptoms: dizziness, tinnitus, and poor memory​


Symptoms: dizziness, tremors, stiff neck, blown out sacrum, low back pain radiating into pelvic crest, vertex headaches, survival and prosperity issues, lack of grounding.







Abdomen, uterus, chest

Symptoms Physical:

dysmenorrhea, flatulence, stomach gurgling, abdominal    distention or abdominal masses

 poor appetite, abdominal distention, and poor assimilation of food.​

pain in the chest, feeling of stuffiness in the chest, and palpitations

Symptoms Psycho-Emotional-Spiritual

conscious or unconscious repetition of negative patterns, behaviors, or relationships, lower Jiao stagnation, anxiety, discomfort with being touched, alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, obsessive/compulsive thinking, control issues, addictions in general

 -disturbances of spirit

-unable to manifest ideas, knowledge, dreams, unable to birth  the new self, unable to assimilate, to stomach new insights and nourishment to be received

-treats stagnation with one’s parents or grandparents, and treats the ancestral or intergenerational imprinting. Especially useful for treating abuse issues and to clear both muscle memory (spleen), cellular memory (kidneys), and to access the bloodroot.




Genitals, waist, hips

Symptoms: temporal headaches​

Symptoms: burning on urination and difficulty in urination

​Symptoms: cold legs and feet, purple feet, or tense outer leg muscles​

Symptoms: weakness of the leg muscles, and in severe cases atrophy​

Symptoms: hip pain​

Symptoms: good intentions without good actions or any action at all, indecision, fence sitting, low self-esteem


Yin Wei Mei


chest, heart. 

Symptoms: insomnia, anxiety, mental restlessness

Symptoms: chest pain, feeling of stuffiness of the chest, feeling of oppression or tightness of the chest, anxiety, apprehension, depression or nightmares.


Effective in treating headaches from deficiency of blood. 

calms anxiety from stepping into new form. open up when one is Shut down and the dissociation of emotions and self that is often a survival mechanism for abuse

Symptoms: anxiety, anger, flatness, not grounded, not in body.

Opens the heart to unconditional love, unwraps the heart chakra.



Yang Wei-Mei


lateral aspect of leg, sides of body, lateral aspect of neck, head, and ears

Symptoms: alternation of chills and fever


​Symptoms: hypochondriac pain, pain in the lateral aspect of the leg, pain in the lateral aspect of the neck

​Symptoms: tinnitus and deafness


Allows the liver to hear the call and see the vision.


Symptoms: feelings of being caught in an endless loop of inaction and indecision, deaf or not listening to inner guidance, not letting what is dead die, so there is energy to bring something new forth, problems letting go in general, fear of failure


You can’t let go, believing you were happier when you were younger. Future driven energy pores chi out to meridians forward extending exterior of body and beyond moves pathogens out of body. Helps relieve attachment to masculine patterns.


Ying Qiao-Mai


inner side of legs, abdomen, eyes

Symptoms: insomnia or somnolence

Symptoms: inner aspects of the legs are loose and the foot turns inward, partly pulled by the tight outer leg muscles

Symptoms: abdominal distention, abdominal masses, lumps, fibroids, difficult deliver or retention of placenta

Symptoms: structural imbalances between left and right side of the body


Symptoms: weakness of the leg muscles, and in severe cases atrophy


Symptoms: dry eyes, deteriorating vision, edginess or blurred vision while doing computer work.


Symptoms: feeling of energies being different. From side to side, feeling of walking on a slant or of the floor being lower than it is, ricocheting energy


Symptoms: visual distortions and enhancements, expansion of awareness and perception of right brain, pain behind the eyes



depression, introversion, insomnia, and isolation


Yang Qiao-Mai


lateral aspect of leg, back, neck, head, eyes,

Symptoms: facial paralysis, wind-stroke, severe dizziness, and aphasia (interior wind)


Symptoms: sneezing, headache, stiff neck, runny nose

lower backache with pain along 

acute pain due to sprain (only if the pain is unilateral)

hip pain an eye strain

Used to treat eye diseases, especially optical computer stress syndrome (OCSS).

radiation or focal hip pain, dry eyes, deteriorating vision, edginess while doing computer work.


Symptoms: high nervous tension, headache, feeling overwhelmed, emotional paralysis, excessive thinking, control issues, nerves are frayed.


Symptoms: feeling of energies being different from side to side, feeling of walking on a slant orof the floor being lower than it is, ricocheting energy.

how we see world, how do we stand up to the world

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