I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Registered Massage Therapy Instructor, Certified Cranial Sacral Therapist, Polarity Practitioner, Acutonic sound healer,

MA level Psychotherapist, Vegetarian Chef and Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.



I work with my clients to restore their maximum ease and vitality of movement.

Paying attention to what clients report and listening deeply to their body, patterns and places of constrictions that are causing pain and inhibiting full function are discovered. From this information together we work to help facilitate the natural flow of movement to individual muscles and more importantly the whole body through working with the fascia, the connective tissues that cover and connect all muscles and organs head to foot.


It’s my blessing to love the work that I do and it is a priveledge to  have the opportunity to help reduce pain and often entirely eliminate it. Each person's needs are unique to them and have to be address individually. There for there is no typical session.I work with a variety of touch from the very subtle meditative style of cranialsacral therapy to deep pressure of shiatsu depending on what your body needs and what will work best to help you.

This might mean some gentle Swedish style movements for relaxation or the work may involve shaking, rocking, and stretching of the body. Regardless of the technique used, your the session always ends with deep relaxation and a wonderful sense of renewal.


For those who are interested in deeper releases that may involve dissolving emotional trauma we might work together in more subtle ways, ways that may include talking and using words to help integrate and resolve issues in the body and mind.


My passion for my work comes from a life dedicated to understanding how we move through and release suffering and pain. Through bodywork, yoga, meditation, psychotherapy and “body happy based food” individuals reconnect to their core source energy, reinstates their homeostasis; allowing the body to find its' natural intelligence of health, vitality and joy for living.












The Heaven & Earth DZI (Tibetan bead shown to the left, also the basis for the company logo) combines the strong energies from Heaven (circle) and Earth (square). It is believed the Heaven and Earth DZI brings balance and harmony in life and clears obstacles that could harm the wearer.


In Yoga each posture or asana has a grounding, a connecting into earth and a lift or reach to heaven. This balance gives life and integrity to the posture and best allows the life force to flow through our biology. 


For the YOGI and YOGINNI the body must be calmed so that awareness  and compassion can nurture and grow through meditation and right effort. The Body is the only house we are guaranteed in life, it is where we live till we live no longer. Similarly the Mind is the only home we can take refuge in regardless of our outer circumstances . 


Heaven and Earth Bodyworks is a confluence of many healing modalities that recreate ease, harmony and good order to these "houses" of ours. It is my deep desire to help the bodies, hearts and minds of all who come to my table

leave with more contentment, clarity and freedom.


A house is not a home until there is life running through it. Happiness and joy make a wonderful home. At Heaven and Earth Body Works that is our goal for you; to help your body have its grounded presence deeply rooted in ease, in the earth so that the mind can rest undisturbed and your heart can lift your spirit to the heavens which will invite a beautiful life to flow through it. A happy body lives with ease between these polarities