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  • I am a Certified CraniaoSacral Therapist,

  • Registered Certified Polarity Practitioner,

  • Acutonic sound healer,

  • Licensed Massage Therapist,  

  • Master's level Psychotherapist

  • Kundalini Yoga Instructor


  • I listen to the concerns my clients present to me. I feel for  physical restrictions and stuck energy patterns, and together with the clients awareness, we work to restore the natural flow of well being back into the body.

  • This is accomplished using a wide range of touch, and techniques that release constrictions of the fascia through out the body allowing the mobility and elasticity of the body to return along with the sense of vitality and freedom, and may involve releasing old trauma and stuck emotions

  • Each person's needs are unique to them and have to be address individually. Therefore, there is no typical session or typical treatment. 

  • Regardless of the technique used, your the session always ends with deep relaxation and a wonderful sense of renewal.


For those who are interested in releases that may involve dissolving emotional trauma we might work together in ways that may include talking and using words to help integrate, release, and resolve pain issues in the body and mind. allowing your whole being  to find its' natural intelligence of health, vitality and joy for living.



Comes from a life dedicated to understanding how we move through and release suffering and pain.

How the imperative of compassion and kindness to ourselves and each other forms self acceptance. From this place of self acceptance, gratitude and non judgement arise bringing a natural reconnection to our core source energy that opens the doors to joyful living.

It’s my blessing to love the work that I do

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