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This massage Involves a multitude of techniques depending on the needs of the clients and issues presenting energetically. Techniques will involve anything from shaking movements, deep tissue, visceral manipulation, polarity or cranial techniques, voice sounding what ever in the moment will help move the stuck energy of the past that is harbored in the body. This treatment removes emotional and psychological blocks that no longer serve you and allows you to leave the past behind, to move forward in ease with a sense of freedom and confidence.

(60 minutes)- $125

(90 minutes) -$187.50



This is a massage designed for those in a deep state of loss. When the heart is broken we often disconnect from our bodies. Yet a profoundly compassionate loving, neutral touch to the body helps the heart be present to its loss and keeps us connected to the body. When we can stay connected to the body we gain groundedness and a place of refuge that can help the heart cope with the loss. Grief massage can help us get passed overwhelm, to stay engaged with our loss with out our having to shut down and cut off from our feelings in order to get on with life.



A deeper massage with specific body working techniques that helps to release chronic patterns of tension in the body. Slower massage strokes and more specific direct deep pressure or friction are utilized to affect the underlying muscles and structure of the body.

(60 minutes) - $125

(90 minutes) - $187.50


This is my traditional massage that combines deep tissue, neuromuscular, Swedish and myofascial release techniques

(60 minutes) - $125

(90 minutes) - $187.50


Swedish based with use of gliding strokes, squeezing, rolling kneading movements, friction, vibrations, percussion movement and may include passive and active movements of bending and stretching, range of motion manipulations all techniques to relax renew and restore overall circulation and well being.

(60 minutes) - $125

(90 minutes) - $187.50



can be made with cash, check,  

or Venmo



8.693 %New Mexico State Sales Tax is included in the listed prices.

In addition to sixty minutes on table you have fifteen minutes around the session to discuss your needs and goals.





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