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Sacred Geometry



 New CellularArchitecture 

with these three




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Celestial Tuning

Activates frequencies that are essential for the evolution our nervous systems, and supports the encoding of the cosmic DNA anoint our physical and non-physical bodies pulls in celestial essences for the evolution of our nervous system balances the brain hemispheres

Cosmic Capstone

For increasing and harmonizing vibration and activating multidimensional awareness and world self. it sets up the sacred geometry of the tetrahedral star and anchors higher  vibratory rates through celestial energies

Interstitial Chakras

The interstitial chakras clear obstructions of Kundalini that may be blocked in the negative space between the chakras, it allows the energy of unconditional love and wisdom to be activated.

The Sacred Geometry treatment includes
all 3 of theses for        $125


Acutonic® tuning forks are based on the frequencies of the planets and their corresponding astrological coordinates and implications


See planetary chart to see what

the different tuning forks can affect


if you have any questions feel free to email or call or text me


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