IT IS NOT JUST FOR THE HEAD

Craniosacral Therapy gives back to the brain, organs and tissues that surround them the space they need to function as they were designed to. They should all be in a natural rhythm in a balanced way to each other. 

This natural order often gets interrupted by stress, accidents, surgeries, and the simple daily activities of life

it is particulary helpful for:


lower back pain

whip lashes,

sleep problems


teeth and gum problems

digestive disorders



psoas and other muscular tightness

high blood pressure

powerful support to immune system

head injuries

eye problems,

heart related problems

trauma related conditions 

facilitates both pre and post surgical situations,

pre surgery can alleviate fear and anxiety and open up the area and ease it the is to be operated on and after surgery it will help the body heal faster

By re-aligning and rebalancing the fluids and soft tissues of the brain and spinal cord a maximum benefitial  nutrition from the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).


Individual Craniosacral Session  $117 -60  $175 - 90 minutes 





The series sessions go into more specific areas of the body releasing deeper layers of restrictions that are needed to create ultimate freedom in your body, mind, spirit, oraganizm. Each series creates greater openings, greater movement and new beginnings for all all your fascia, organs and builds from the previous sessions.



  1. Five diaphragms of the body and psoas release

  2. Releasing of Facial Sinuses

  3. Unwinding head, neck, arms, legs, chest (excellent release of the fascia helpful for whiplash and other post accidents challenges.

  4. Re-aligning of the Sphenoid bone which can be altered from birth and later from accidents- sphenoid is the architecutrual hinge pin to the skeletal cranium touching all the other bones in the neuro cranium and a few of the visceral cranium. If it is out of alignment it can impact all those other bones and the biology surrounding them including cranio nerves.


Four Series Sessions - $ 340



  • Includes all of the first four sessions plus four more sessions with these treatments:

  • BODY HEART TALK - Working with the Heart to discover its energetic blocks and the energetic of the pericardiaum known as the heart protector. In this session we introduce talking to the body and listening to what your body has to say. Its fascinating and profound work that can lift years of grief and confusion from your heart, body, mind/ spirit. 

  • MOUTH & EARS - Here we work on the outside of the face and jaw but we also go into the mouth (this can sound awful but the reality is it is deeply relaxing and usually you will fall asleep and not believe it!) This work releases a multitude of muscles and restraining patterns both physical and energetic that stifle, mute or limit our capacity to speak our truth. This work also releases TMJ problems and helps recover the natural balance belonging in the face and jaw. These are excellent sessions for post dentistry or oral surgery. They help speed up the recovery and release the tension and “trauma/shock” of surgery or dental work” to your system.

  • EYES & PERCEPTION - This work helps us de-stress the eyes and brain. We learn techniques that can relax long held tension in the muscles around the eye, and ways to strengthen the eyes particularly relax the 6 pairs of muscles of the eyes. We work with the optic nerve and optic chiasm. The work here can also involve talking to the eyes which can reveals stories that have held us locked into a particular way of seeing and this clarity can change perceptions which can change the way we see and in many cases actually improves our vision. this is excellent work to have done after eye surgery or any trauma to the eyes.


Eight Series Sessions - $ 740



  • Includes all of the first eight sessions plus four sessions working with the immune and alarms systems

  • In these sesssions we have an enormous range of things we can work on within these two systems of the body ranging from but not limited to organ concerns, digestive disorders, Increasing the bodys natural painkillers endorphins and serotonin, releasing built up stored cortisol in the ganglia along the spine,  the healing the stress cascaade by renewing the hippacampus and amygdalas, the options for the sessions can be talked about individual to your needs.


Twelve Series Sessions $1040